Halahal Season One

Manthan: Halahal Season One

Manthan Presents

Halahal: The Venom 

Season One



What Manthan really is?

Manthan is an open platform for collaborators and creators. Here at Manthan, we believe that together we can achieve anything. Together we can create something which is not yet imagined by commoners out there.

Here, using this platform you can also join the few who believe in togetherness.

Why halahal?

“The poison of negativity is now increasing exponentially” 

This can be only cleaned if we find someone who can drink it. Sadly this time the quantity is so much that even Lord Shiva alone cannot save us all.

What’s the solution?

We know, you are also tired and want to run away from all this, but if running is the only solution, then you can.

Trust us, it will be really hard for you to find a place where you can live peacefully.

What can we do?

Have you ever tried overfilling a bucket with water, just to let the dirty water flow out and clean water fills the bucket, if yes you have your answer.

We must fill the mind, soul, social media, and our own self with positivity. 

See, only waiting for a positive video, message, thought, image, and quote to cross your way is not going to work.

What you want, you must create. just like when you are hungry, you prepare food, isn’t it?

if not, we believe you can start today, maybe! or just stay there as waste, waiting to be exploited and manipulated.

How to start?

We are not born leaders, but we can contribute a small drop to fill the bucket. 

We are not asking you to start a revolution, instead you can write any poem, story, essay, article, quote that spreads good thoughts. If you choose, you can also record videos and send them to us.

Where to look?

You can share stories of persons you know, about whom you think is something inspiring.

The simplest you can do is, look within yourself, think what you do that helps you stay high and positive or what you think may help in doing that.

We hope you are not finding this funny or useless. In that case, this post might be landed in the wrong hands, please do not keep it with you just forward or share it ahead, that’s the least you can do.

How to submit?

There is a google form link provided, you can submit your posts/entry/video here https://forms.gle/sbXG25AMubYbEVHb9

Waiting for your reply.

Thanking You.


Shivji Kumar Gupta

& Team Manthan

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