Halahal Season One

When a bird decided to fly away

Let me tell you a story

Not so long by words count

But if you decide to revolve around the meaning

It will be hard to complete one round

This bird is not an ordinary you/me/him or her..

“If you are a girl read this as her or him, if a boy” just trying to avoid gender biases.

What if this bird is ‘You’?

Are you strong enough to leave the group and fly alone

As this bird of our story decided to do so

Look at the mirror, can you see this bird

Carefully, see through that body

For how long you are going to wait

Are you not ready to resist?

Or you need some more time to believe

Believe that you can do it alone, that you are ready to face the world

Now, let’s talk about that bird

He/She was scared, at first and now also

But walking in an unknown path and thinking that you will die is useless,

Though, we are all walking to death, isn’t it?

So, what is wrong if you chose a journey?

Which is not same as the world expected

I know that you are sure now, I’m not talking about a birdie

Rather it is our thoughts, which is confined

We think what people think,

We believe what others believe in,

We stayed behind, thinking only the oldest is the wiser,

Letting him/her, show us the way,

Who was once in our place,

But never thought to fly away..

I know it is hard for that bird, to oppose the wind alone,

But it is not necessary to go high at the very onset if you decide to fly alone.

Other birdies are going to laugh,

Seeing your nest, left lesser than half,

When that storm banged and blew you away

But, when you think you can not oppose,

You are always free to try another way.

And this is how, you will know,

What can happen when a bird decided to fly away…


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