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Let’s Celebrate Learning Before You Go Back To School

Poster: Back To School 2020, Write up request.

Hello Learners,

The pandemic seemed to be tough at first. The whole world stopped at once.

We too, at least what it looked like from the surface, but we all know that there is one characteristic of humans that never stopped,


Through this process of learning, we are able to learn that nothing can stop the mind and thoughts of a learner from flying.

India is going to celebrate Teacher’s Day, this Saturday.

We here at Manthan are also ready to celebrate all the Teachers and Learners.

We are celebrating it by sharing self-written stories by different learners across the globe.

Here at Manthan, we believe in the idea of,

“Every teacher is a learner and every learner is a teacher”

So join us on this journey O learner. 

Share your story of what you learned or What others learned from you.

We also believe that learning doesn’t revolve only around books and paper.

Many of us learned to play different instruments, some to code, and others to cook.

Similarly, most of the teachers taught how to play an instrument, cook food, how to code, and many more….

This list of Giving and Gaining is never-ending, and thus the stories related to it are also infinite.

So that is the reason why we want to hear from your side too.

Are you not going to share your story with the world and inspire others to continue the act of learning.

Type some words in that text editor, and let us not break this chain of improvement.

Write to us with your story at


Use the form below to submit.


Use this google form to submit.

Remember, NO EXCUSES.

15 days from now, you may receive a surprise from us.

18th September, 11:59 PM IST is the deadline for submission, to receive the surprise.

However, You can submit for the whole year if you want because stories must be heard, and we love stories.

Waiting for that notification with your story in it, on the other side.

Do write, before you go #BackToSchool

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Happy Learning!!

Have questions? Leave them in the reply section below the post.

FAQs Answered

1. There is no deadline to submit the post, but 18th midnight is the deadline for receiving a speacial surprise if submitted before midnight and eligible.

2. There is no word limit and no fees required to submit the post.

3. You can write in any of the four major languages( Assamese, Hindi, English, and Bangla) used in India


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