Do you think You should join an online community

Do you even care?

Hello, I am asking you.

Do you even care? I mean yes, of course, you care about many things but what I mean here is simply related to your content.

Many content creators once in their life had faced this situation, where he/she never received any genuine appreciation.

They shared their content everywhere, asked friends, requested( begged to be honest), to watch, read, react, share, etc etc etc but still, all efforts go in vain.

Next, they thought of promoting their creation, again, money is a big concern for new and budding creators, so leave it.

So? What else a content creator can try?

The answer is simple, They can join an online community and share ideas, get inspiration from like-minded people.

Again, nowadays finding a free to use, and ad-free online community is a very difficult task.

That is the reason, today we are introducing, The Manthan Community BETA

We are calling it as The Virtual Spine

Why Virtual Spine, just like the normal spine in animals, supports the body, we are here to support the virtual world.

Today, we are also announcing this community as FREE FOREVER FOR EVERYONE

No ads, No Subscription Fees blah blah… However, you may see affiliate links, not tracked, but self-placed by admins, you know, just to keep going for years.

We thought about Donation system but again the fact is that, the only reason we are here because we want to support creators, and also to help them save money.

So, if you happen to buy something using our links, that will be enough.

Don’t forget to join us today. You might get surprised 😲

Visit for more info.

See you on the other side. Not in heaven of course 😂 but at The Virtual Spine.

Still thinking, when you can join with a click of a button.


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