Ideas and mind

It happens often when people reach out to you, to ask for help, sometimes an idea.

In enthusiasm, you go deep in thoughts, just to find an interesting idea to help the person concerned.

Suddenly, as soon as you give them an idea. Sometimes people agree, most of the time debate starts.

They try to explain why it is bad, you try to explain why it is good.

Remember, you just heard the topic, and found an idea about it.

Now, about the other person, he/she came to you asking for help. This also means the other person was not able to find any solution.

Sometimes it is genuine, but most of the time people are already preoccupied with their own ideas and thoughts.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad your idea is, they will never appreciate or correct you.

But instead, they try to prove what they think is right and should be done.

Sometimes they do it purposely, to waste time.

Many do it, and the reason they are preoccupied is that they think that they are more qualified, or is in a higher rank than yours.

Now here, qualified doesn’t equal educated. There is a noticeable difference between educated and qualified.

We think that qualification makes you rigid, but education makes you flexible.

So thinking about ideas, we had one idea and we executed it. Now it depends on people to decide and we welcome ideas.

Want to know what is that, read our previous post titled Do you think You should join an online community.

Remember, we got only 10 months to decide if this idea of Manthan Community is going to work or not.


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