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Broken Days: Day 1

That day I thought,
Why am I even alive.
When I didn’t get it,
For which I prayed for.
And leaving me alone
That heartless still smiles.

Day 1- A Dream

Accepting the reality is hard
When things don’t turn out
Like you expected it to be.

We never really feel it
When it happens for the first time,
“This must be a dream”
We think, isn’t it,
But it wasn’t, nor it will be.

We spent hours that day, smiling,
Thinking that this must be a joke.
Or else, there was no reason,
to reject me and left me broke.

We were good friends,
“As Close as two eyes”,
You can say.
Then there was no reason,
to close one, when we were
Always opening and closing,

When I saw that faces,
Smiling at me.
For my Silliness,
That I have done,
Loving that friend.

They all asked me about,
The response that I got,
and the way I smiled back,
Like nothing had happened yet.
It was all okay
Till the dusk,
Until the stars appeared,
and the Moon shines
through the cloud,
It was okay.

Then the darkness came
and in the absence of light,
I can now see that dream,
which has that ray of hope.
That ray captured my mind.

It reminds me of that dream,
loving each other.
Till the day sky has
The Stars and The Moon,
Silly dreams!.
It can make you believe
In every shitty thing.

But it is okay to have dreams
Dreams which can make you,
Not the one which can break you
Destroy you, and you are,
at the end left in nothingness.

Whatever happened,
It’s an end of a silly dream,
That I dreamt of.
Now, this night today
Where I have no one with me,
like I used to have,
When I was a newbie
In this business of Hearts.

Today, I only have that
Smiling faces,
Looking at me
Like I just lost the war,
And it was my fault that
I was a part of this.
I’m not concerned about them,
I’m worried about tomorrow.

What will happen?
I don’t know!
But I have to face that,
and I know I can do it.
Tomorrow, whatever happens
I will make sure,
If what happened today was real,
Or I became a victim of,

I should sleep now, but
I can’t close my eyes.
I have a fear,
How will I face those eyes,
When they will meet mine.
Will they ignore me?
Or I should start ignoring them.

I shouldn’t do that, not for now.

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