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Finding ways to grow, I reached you

The Flop Show 2.0

To,The Curious Mind in You,From,Awakened Auras and Leo Club Of New TinsukiaDear friend,For centuries, we have been told that only when we join our hands, then only we are stronger, but this was just the literary meaning of it.During this difficult time, we also learned that only coming […]

The Watcher

The sky is bleached a roll and crash of thunder the grass is tall beneath the rain trees I ache to leave my crying place before melancholy claims this ruinous summer let me stretch out like some sexy feline a carnivorous Panther fighting the impulse to pounce Photography […]

After School

Repost… I am a teacher. Footsteps echo in empty halls after students have gone home. I pull back the curtains, finish my lunch, sigh at red marks on paper— what can I do to improve his grasp of math? A co-teacher calls from her basement classroom, “Do you […]

প্ৰাপ্তি-অপ্ৰাপ্তিৰ তুলাচনীত ২০২০

Reposting.. চকুৰ প্ৰচাৰতে আন এটা বছৰো পাৰ হৈ গ’ল, ২০২০ পৃথিৱীৰ লক্ষ লক্ষ মানুহৰ ক্ষোভ, হতাশা, হায়-হুমুনিয়াহ আৰু দুখৰ বছৰ এয়া । মানৱতাক প্ৰত্যাহ্বান জনোৱা কৰোণা অতিমাৰিৰ বছৰ এয়া । কিন্তু কৰোণাৰ বাবেই মোৰ জীৱন স্তব্ধ হৈ পৰা নাই । এই বছৰটোত বহূত কিছুয়ে হেৰুৱালো আৰু বহুত কিছু […]

Did she mispronounce it?

Maina Babu, moi bhat barhise– ‘Maina Babu, I have served the food’, my maternal grandmother was calling me and my brother to have lunch. My brother heard her call and he looked confused. For a brief moment, he thought she mispronounced the sentence. But it was confirmed that there […]

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