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Dear Family, Manthan is just 1 month away from its deadline, in other words, a WordPress subscription is going to expire, and we will be back as a simple blog and will not be able to share your works effectively. We have plans to start a publication but […]

আধৰুৱা দস্তাবেজ(৩)

” ৰাণী,  সন্ধিয়া লাগিল যাওঁ ব’ল | সাত বজাত মোৰ অনলাইন মিটিং এখন কলেজৰ |” ৰাণীক চিঞঁৰি মাতিলো | ৰাণী আৰু অনুৰাগ পথাৰৰ পৰা উঠি আহিল | আমি দুয়োজনী খোজকাঢ়ি আৰু অনুৰাগে লাহে লাহে বাইকখন চলাই আমাৰ পাছে পাছে আহি থাকিল | সেউজীয়া পথাৰৰ মাজৰ পকী ৰাস্তাটোৰ দুয়োকাষে […]

The Flop Show 2.0

To,The Curious Mind in You,From,Awakened Auras and Leo Club Of New TinsukiaDear friend,For centuries, we have been told that only when we join our hands, then only we are stronger, but this was just the literary meaning of it.During this difficult time, we also learned that only coming […]

This is BANANAS!

Learn How to eat Bananas: Repost There are so many ways you can eat bananas, you can eat them raw, have them in a smoothie, fry them or bake them, it doesn’t matter. Bananas are low in calories and high in nutrients, nutritionists say a banana contains about […]

Broken Days: Day 1

That day I thought,Why am I even alive.When I didn’t get it,For which I prayed for.And leaving me aloneThat heartless still smiles. Day 1- A Dream Accepting the reality is hardWhen things don’t turn outLike you expected it to be. We never really feel itWhen it happens for […]

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