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35 Quotes on Overthinking
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Credit : Free Photos In this era, we are facing so many mental problems including overthinking, depression, stress, and anxiety. I have gathered some of the quotes regarding overthinking; in which the writing indicates the problems and diseases that occur by the excess of thinking. It may cause […]

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That day I thought,Why am I even alive.When I didn’t get it,For which I prayed for.And leaving me aloneThat heartless still smiles. Day 1- A Dream Accepting the reality is hardWhen things don’t turn outLike you expected it to be. We never really feel itWhen it happens for […]

2020 – The most difficult part of dating is the initial invitation.
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Sharing a collection of beautiful quotes with a message… if you like my quote show some love and share the post  , and here some more …. Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with. Candace Bushnell Don’t leave a piece […]

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I was walking around in the middle of the town, Like a king of the world, was ignoring the ground. A small piece of rock I stumbled upon, Fell down, there goes my pride, and I lost my crown. 0

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A normal day in the future, during the time of Examination. I was just wondering about the online deals of the future. You might come across such offers, if not, your son or daughter, maybe in 150 years or so. Suppose, it is time for any annual examination. […]

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As promised earlier in one of our posts that we will completely remove ads from our website. To implement the same for Manthan Community members, we made a few changes in our Privacy Policy and Included Advertisement Policy as a part of the PP. Here is the copy […]

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If you want the pain to settle down, you must stay still just like the mud in the water settles down. It is not possible to get a clear mind with shaking thoughts, in order to see through the water, you must wait. During this time, don’t try […]

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It happens often when people reach out to you, to ask for help, sometimes an idea. In enthusiasm, you go deep in thoughts, just to find an interesting idea to help the person concerned. Suddenly, as soon as you give them an idea. Sometimes people agree, most of […]

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Do you even care? Hello, I am asking you. Do you even care? I mean yes, of course, you care about many things but what I mean here is simply related to your content. Many content creators once in their life had faced this situation, where he/she never […]

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