Years ago, it started with a Big Bang! I found myself drifting across Spacetime; emerging from the deep, unexplored space; hitting asteroids on my way; being pulled by the Gravity of huge objects; and being thrown again and again into the void. Just when I started to think […]

Struggling to Focus? How to Improve Your Attention Span When ‘the World Is Sick’

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We Make Our World Inhabitable

‘We Make Our World Inhabitable!’ Now, read that AGAIN!  Think deeply about what I just said. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? You might probably think I am talking about the environment. About how, WE are responsible for digging up and burning fossil fuels, causing global […]


Let’s assume that the Elephant is the king of the land and Whale as Queen of Aqua. As lions hardly lived in the jungles and humans hardly lived on The Earth. When lions kill, they create balance, humans kill for the bank balance. Elephants make way, humans block […]

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