After School

Repost… I am a teacher. Footsteps echo in empty halls after students have gone home. I pull back the curtains, finish my lunch, sigh at red marks on paper— what can I do to improve his grasp of math? A co-teacher calls from her basement classroom, “Do you […]

প্ৰাপ্তি-অপ্ৰাপ্তিৰ তুলাচনীত ২০২০

Reposting.. চকুৰ প্ৰচাৰতে আন এটা বছৰো পাৰ হৈ গ’ল, ২০২০ পৃথিৱীৰ লক্ষ লক্ষ মানুহৰ ক্ষোভ, হতাশা, হায়-হুমুনিয়াহ আৰু দুখৰ বছৰ এয়া । মানৱতাক প্ৰত্যাহ্বান জনোৱা কৰোণা অতিমাৰিৰ বছৰ এয়া । কিন্তু কৰোণাৰ বাবেই মোৰ জীৱন স্তব্ধ হৈ পৰা নাই । এই বছৰটোত বহূত কিছুয়ে হেৰুৱালো আৰু বহুত কিছু […]

Did she mispronounce it?

Maina Babu, moi bhat barhise– ‘Maina Babu, I have served the food’, my maternal grandmother was calling me and my brother to have lunch. My brother heard her call and he looked confused. For a brief moment, he thought she mispronounced the sentence. But it was confirmed that there […]

Those Red Lips

Reposting.. The day started with light banters with friends in some WhatsApp groups and soon I ended up writing a short poem in Hindi that I translated in short order to my mother tongue Axomiya ( Assamese) and English. So far so good. However trying to present all […]

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