An Idea

Are you searching for a social media platform for creators? If your answer is “Yes”, comment below, and we can have a brief discussion about the same. Also, don’t forget to share this with other peer creators, and help them in joining the conversation. Maybe, with your help, We can begin very soon. Thank You.

Purple Blooms

Amidst shattered dreamsAnd puddle of tears,Monsoon from heavensRains on Hopelessness!Sorrows of the soilChurns from deep within, Pushing to rise above grief, Embrace purple pleasuresAnd live once more! ©2020 Piyush SinghPurple Blooms


“हैं शिकायतें बहुत-सी मगर, ज़ाहिर करने को अब मन नहीं करता है;जिसकी शरारतें हंसाती हैं सबको, उससे रूठने का भी अब मन नहीं करता है। कुछ और भी कहूं तो क्या कहूं भला, है वक़्त की ये पाबंदी कि नहीं मिलता लफ़्ज़ों का कोई सिला; इन दूरियों में यारों से बांधी डोर छूट गई है…… Continue reading शिकायतें

Manthan: Halahal Season One

Manthan Presents Halahal: The Venom  Season One “YOU ARE INVITED TO SUBMIT YOUR WRITE UPS/ QUOTES/ STORIES/ VIDEOS FOR HALAHAL SEASON ONE” FAQs What Manthan really is? Manthan is an open platform for collaborators and creators. Here at Manthan, we believe that together we can achieve anything. Together we can create something which is not…… Continue reading Manthan: Halahal Season One