Broken Days: Day 1

That day I thought,Why am I even alive.When I didn’t get it,For which I prayed for.And leaving me aloneThat heartless still smiles. Day 1- A Dream Accepting the reality is hardWhen things don’t turn outLike you expected it to be. We never really feel itWhen it happens for the first time,“This must be a dream”We…… Continue reading Broken Days: Day 1

Ideas and mind

It happens often when people reach out to you, to ask for help, sometimes an idea. In enthusiasm, you go deep in thoughts, just to find an interesting idea to help the person concerned. Suddenly, as soon as you give them an idea. Sometimes people agree, most of the time debate starts. They try to…… Continue reading Ideas and mind

When a bird decided to fly away

Let me tell you a story Not so long by words count But if you decide to revolve around the meaning It will be hard to complete one round This bird is not an ordinary you/me/him or her.. “If you are a girl read this as her or him, if a boy” just trying to…… Continue reading When a bird decided to fly away