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After School

Repost… I am a teacher. Footsteps echo in empty halls after students have gone home. I pull back the curtains, finish my lunch, sigh at red marks on paper— what can I do to improve his grasp of math? A co-teacher calls from her basement classroom, “Do you […]

Those Red Lips

Reposting.. The day started with light banters with friends in some WhatsApp groups and soon I ended up writing a short poem in Hindi that I translated in short order to my mother tongue Axomiya ( Assamese) and English. So far so good. However trying to present all […]

वसंत स्वागतम गीत

आगमन वसंत का स्वीकार कीजिए,शारदे मां तारदे गुणगान कीजिए,अंब,टेसू भी पुष्पित, पल्लवित होंगे,तैलयुक्त गंध का आनंद लीजिए।आगमन ———– कोकिला गाएगी बागों में भी छुप -2 के,मानों दो प्रेमी सुनाते बातें गुप चुप से,सरसों भी फूली है जैसे नववधू आई,संगीत,गीत,काव्य का आनंद लीजिए।आगमन —————– तापमान कम हुआ सरदी भी […]

Broken Days: Day 1

That day I thought,Why am I even alive.When I didn’t get it,For which I prayed for.And leaving me aloneThat heartless still smiles. Day 1- A Dream Accepting the reality is hardWhen things don’t turn outLike you expected it to be. We never really feel itWhen it happens for […]

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