चलिए आज बादल की बात करते है,ऊपर से झुलस चुके उस बादल की,जो जमीन को झुलसता देख रोता है।गर सोच रहे हो तुम, क्या बादल रोता है?तो चींख भी सुनी होगी तुमने कभी-कभी,जो धरती को गले लगा, उसको फिर से भिगोता है।उस वक़्त ऐसा लगता है कि, हा बादल रोता है।पर वो भी सहे तो…… Continue reading बादल

A note of love

A note of love My dear loveKeep on trusting me as I loosen up all the trusts in myself.. Keep on loving me as I carve out all the unlove out of me.. I assure you of prettier consequences as I have a heart filled with beauty.. And my fingers so waiting to be held…… Continue reading A note of love

Ideas and mind

It happens often when people reach out to you, to ask for help, sometimes an idea. In enthusiasm, you go deep in thoughts, just to find an interesting idea to help the person concerned. Suddenly, as soon as you give them an idea. Sometimes people agree, most of the time debate starts. They try to…… Continue reading Ideas and mind