When a bird decided to fly away

Let me tell you a story Not so long by words count But if you decide to revolve around the meaning It will be hard to complete one round This bird is not an ordinary you/me/him or her.. “If you are a girl read this as her or him, if a boy” just trying to…… Continue reading When a bird decided to fly away


Night Sky after Baghjan Oil Well Fire 84 Days ago. The blue sky,That used to be red,During the night,Is now dark again. It is absolute silence now,Both, outside and in the mind. Now, I will not look up again,Just to see the red,But I will, to enjoy the darkness,And the little twinkling lights. By Shivji…… Continue reading Suppressed


Years ago, it started with a Big Bang! I found myself drifting across Spacetime; emerging from the deep, unexplored space; hitting asteroids on my way; being pulled by the Gravity of huge objects; and being thrown again and again into the void. Just when I started to think that my existence was nothing but that…… Continue reading Annihilation