(translation) poem, Daniel Faria (2)

By popular demand, I shall put here another translation I had given up on and decided to complete upon seeing the warm reaction in my last translation of Daniel Faria. As I’m noticing that more-and-more folks are becoming interested not only in Portuguese poetry and the translated works themselves, but my method of translation and…… Continue reading (translation) poem, Daniel Faria (2)

Earning a living as a poet – A Design Thinking Approach

Problem Statement 1.  Most poets can’t live off their creativity Analysis It’s no secret that creatives struggle to live solely on the work they produce. For writers, or more specifically, poets, this is almost an understatement.  Why is that? Let’s look a little deeper. In order to provide practical solutions to this conundrum, we would…… Continue reading Earning a living as a poet – A Design Thinking Approach

An Idea

Are you searching for a social media platform for creators? If your answer is “Yes”, comment below, and we can have a brief discussion about the same. Also, don’t forget to share this with other peer creators, and help them in joining the conversation. Maybe, with your help, We can begin very soon. Thank You.

Poem: Conviction

Oh, this world has torn out my tongue, in ashes it suffocated the fire of my thought … killed me but let live the snot … and conviction … conviction drags itself around my shoulders … for I loved … I cried, screamed … for I lived by words of Dostoevsky … deceived … for…… Continue reading Poem: Conviction


मैं ही था जो खड़ा मंथन में हलाहल पी रहा।वो मैं ही था जो इस संसार को भी जी रहा। हर कण में मैं ही व्याप्त हूं।हर शंख का उद्घोष मैं। हर समय की धार में,हर काल का मैं पार्थ हूं। मैं ही वो अर्जुन रण में था,और मैं ही कर्ण धीरवीर हूं। पेड़ की…… Continue reading कर्म