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Broken Days: Day 1

That day I thought,Why am I even alive.When I didn’t get it,For which I prayed for.And leaving me aloneThat heartless still smiles. Day 1- A Dream Accepting the reality is hardWhen things don’t turn outLike you expected it to be. We never really feel itWhen it happens for […]


जब रास्तों में मेरे सिर्फ नाकामियां हाथ लग रही थीं;एक इत्तेफाक़ था शायद जो मुझे तुम मिले। अकेले ही काट रहा था सफ़र, अकेले ही गुज़ार होती ज़िन्दगी;शायद भाग्य में लिखा था कुछ ज़्यादा मेरे लिए, जो ऐसी तन्हाई में मुझे तुम मिले। हर मोड़ पर आकर ठोकरें […]

Ideas and mind

It happens often when people reach out to you, to ask for help, sometimes an idea. In enthusiasm, you go deep in thoughts, just to find an interesting idea to help the person concerned. Suddenly, as soon as you give them an idea. Sometimes people agree, most of […]


The blue sky,That used to be red,During the night,Is now dark again. It is absolute silence now,Both, outside and in the mind. Now, I will not look up again,Just to see the red,But I will, to enjoy the darkness,And the little twinkling lights. By Shivji Kumar Gupta On […]

Purple Blooms

Amidst shattered dreamsAnd puddle of tears,Monsoon from heavensRains on Hopelessness!Sorrows of the soilChurns from deep within, Pushing to rise above grief, Embrace purple pleasuresAnd live once more! ©2020 Piyush Singh Purple Blooms 0

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