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His little sister

Reposting this Short Story Aaron’s heavy fast footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs, he throws himself on the couch and takes the controller in his hand: -Your sister is a very cool little girl, how come you never told me about her? says Richard’s friend coming […]

প্ৰাপ্তি-অপ্ৰাপ্তিৰ তুলাচনীত ২০২০

Reposting.. চকুৰ প্ৰচাৰতে আন এটা বছৰো পাৰ হৈ গ’ল, ২০২০ পৃথিৱীৰ লক্ষ লক্ষ মানুহৰ ক্ষোভ, হতাশা, হায়-হুমুনিয়াহ আৰু দুখৰ বছৰ এয়া । মানৱতাক প্ৰত্যাহ্বান জনোৱা কৰোণা অতিমাৰিৰ বছৰ এয়া । কিন্তু কৰোণাৰ বাবেই মোৰ জীৱন স্তব্ধ হৈ পৰা নাই । এই বছৰটোত বহূত কিছুয়ে হেৰুৱালো আৰু বহুত কিছু […]

Did she mispronounce it?

Maina Babu, moi bhat barhise– ‘Maina Babu, I have served the food’, my maternal grandmother was calling me and my brother to have lunch. My brother heard her call and he looked confused. For a brief moment, he thought she mispronounced the sentence. But it was confirmed that there […]

Damn those eyes…

REPOSTING Wanderlust —                         Damn those eyes Pretty face, demanding loving eyes.Soft voice making me feel weak and captured.Soft touch of hands making me fall into deep embrace.Those eyes make me swim in the dangerous river of hope.Damn those eyes.Those eyes make me want to know wanderlust and forget […]

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